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Hunt Logic, Ltd. encompasses the full hunting experience from start to finish. Call us what you may – booking agent, consultant, outfitter, operator – but one thing is for sure – we know safari hunting.

In Africa

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Our hands on experience as professional hunters and safari outfitters makes Hunt Logic stand a world apart as you are booking an adventure with professionals who understand both ends of the classical safari not only the booking end but also the final outcome. We provide the essential client support, 24/7 reliability and US based financial security to put your mind at ease while going the extra yards as PH’s and outfitters.

In many instances we personally own the hunting land and concessions while we maintain exceptional ties with outfitters and PH’s that we have shared camps and safaris with for many years – our liaisons with the professional hunters we trust is without compromise and we stand 100 percent behind what we sell.

States Side

Our permanent base in Denver allows the freedom of access that clients require before, during and after their safari making us a constant source of help and information not only to existing clients but we are always happy to spin a yarn with any hunter.


Recovered gin traps in mozambique

Anti-poaching patrol with recovered gin traps

As hunters we realize our future depends upon the survival of those species and their habitat and allowing access to them through new concepts and initiatives. Our organisation Roan Patrol is part funded by clients safari dollars and provides anti-poaching support to our properties in Africa as well as the communities we work with.

Young Hunter Program

As part of our long term outlook Roan Patrol is tasked with educating young hunters and children of all ages about the importance of habitat conservation and community based conservation programs. Our focus on allowing them access to Africa while allowing cross border interaction between kids from our communities and those visiting our properties, is a priority under this Education initiative.

primary schools kids

"our" school kids built from hunting funds

Roan Patrol

Roan Patrol is named for the Roan antelope.  One of Africa’s rare species under threat from habitat loss and human encroachment, they occur in great abundance on our Pembe property, in herds of 25 to 50. Given the threatened status of the Roan, it is remarkable that such a healthy population still exists in this remote part of Mozambique and thus our total commitment and focus at implementing a well balanced Anti-Poaching management plan backed up by a crack team of scouts to ensure the survival of our species.

Roan Patrol is not confined to our property only and we implement the policies and experience we have gained from Pembe to other properties where we hunt.

Roan Patrol is tasked primarily with the exercise of fund raising and creating awareness for our 65,000 acres Pembe  Private Hunting reserve in Mozambique and our conservation efforts there.

Roan Antelope - Mozambique

Roan mother with teenagers


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