Pete Swanepoel Jr.


Currently into his 20th year as a PH, Pete brings a wealth of hands on experience in southern and central Africa to the Hunt Logic team. Born in Zambia, Pete has been hunting in the famous Kafue and Luangwa concessions since he could walk and has developed this early kinship with the African wilderness into his lifelong passion of hunting as an essential conservation and biodiversity tool.

Pete’s specialty is hunting Lion and nothing draws him more than opening up uncharted country as the early hunters did, with the reward of magnificent trophies and kinship around the fire – a rarity these days.

First Lion at 17

First Lion at 17

Faced with an uncertain future, the African Lion has become Pete’s main conservation focus, concentrating his efforts at educating the massive body of people that remain uninformed about the real challenges faced by this magnificent predator.

Pete now lives in Denver with his wife Molly and son Charlie, where he is a stay at home dad / booking agent / seasonal travelling PH / 45-70 enthusiast / advisor to our current team of younger PH’s / conservation speaker and fund raiser.

Also a proud co-founder of Roan Patrol, “saving game & kicking ass”!

Kafue Elephant

89lbs Elephant 1976 - Western Zambia


Some References

A healthy days hunt

Buffalo hunting days - Luangwa Valley 1980

I went hunting with Pete Swanepoel of Safaribwana in Zambia last year. With Pete you get what you see: no fancy equipment or pretensions, just a guy in scruffy clothes with a rifle that looks as if it could tell a few tales if it could speak. If you want to avoid hunting with a PH who spends more time in front of the mirror than in the bush, posing in cut-off sleeves, and instead want a high quality safari experience then Pete has my recommendation. He has real bush knowledge (as opposed to borrowed knowledge), a passion for Africa, a strong work ethic and, when the going gets tough, he is utterly fearless.

Simon Hall – Gloucester England

Pete on behalf of all my family I want to thank you for your kindness and patience. You taught Harrison (our Grandson) much more about hunting than just shooting an animal.

Your Friends,

Pamela & Stan Attwood




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