African elephant

up close and personal

Africa holds, in our minds, the worlds greatest variety of animal species even though in reality other continents rank higher from a numbers viewpoint.

It is the last place on earth where the great beasts, the mega-fauna of earth, still reign supreme in their natural undisturbed habitat. So too is it the domain of the mighty large predators, the kings and lords of the African jungle and savanna, the super-cats.

Here is some advice and comment in hunting the many varied species on offer in Africa. Remember this, there is a difference in each country and often simply according to the habitat, not all species exhibit the same behavior all the time.

You should also remember that each country offers a different type of hunting experience, not all are the same so if you’re the collecting type then a game ranch will not bother you while fences do put off the more altruistic type of hunter who is looking for the true African experience.

Chacma Baboon

Chacma Baboon - Luangwa Valley

There are countries where you can hunt anything, literally, even those species that have long disappeared from their home ranges – seriously, this is possible in the southern African countries. BUT if you’re looking for the Hemingway or Selous type of experience then you’ll have to venture into what you may consider Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ and at stake will be that part of your soul that demands a code of self restraint – the one where you as hunter acts solely for yourself, not for observers or bystanders but for your own moral and ethical code



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