Chobe Bushbuck - Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Old Chobe Bushbuck in Luangwa

BUSHBUCK – Tragelaphus scriptus

The slightly-built bushbuck is responsible for many deaths each year throughout Africa due to its aggressive nature and deceiving size. Bushbuck remain solitary throughout much of their lives and it is precisely this secretive nature that make them one of the more challenging antelope species to hunt.

Bushbuck are usually solitary animals living along rivers and in thickets, browsing in the morning and late afternoon and well into the night. They become nocturnal near human settlements and fare remarkably well under most conditions.

Bushbuck are widespread across Africa and many sub-species have been recorded mostly with very little variation except for color. The most commonly hunted sub-species are Chobe, Limpopo, Cape and East African

hunting tips – the hunt

Bushbuck are best hunted by slowly walking along riverbeds, paths and roads in the early mornings and late evenings, paying particular attention to overhanging bushes. Many people prefer to use a shotgun as the animal is usually startled and bursts away from close quarters. Often the best medicine for hunting bushbuck is to sit at  a vantage point as they like to move about in the early mornings and late evenings. Often they can also be found at water during the mid day heat along with other animals. Bushbuck also like to forage along and beneath troops of Baboons and you can be sure there is always a bushbuck around when baboons are present. BEWARE when following a wounded bushbuck – extreme care should be taken when following the trail and it is best to have a shotgun in these circumstances.

hunting tips – the calibre

Any medium calibre from .270 Magnum and upwards is sufficient, even the lower 22 hornets, 243′s etc will owrk. However, many prefer hunting bushbuck with shotgun and buckshot. Bushbuck are not overly tough animals and quartering shots, the old ‘Texas heart shot’ and solid flesh wounds will put them down long enough to get a second shot.

Cape Bushbuck trophy

CJ Muschaney with magnificent Cape Bushbuck

hunting tips – the trophy

The horns are relatively basic to judge as they run straight upwards with a spiral ridge curling from the front of the bases. Generally, a good trophy starts from about 15 inches and extra score is gained from the bases which do vary quite alot. They are a very attractive trophy best preserved as a full mount.

hunting tips – where

East African Bushbuck – Tanzania

Chobe Bushbuck – Nambia, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Limpopo Bushbuck – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana

Cape Bushbuck – South Africa

Harnessed Bushbuck – CAR, Cameroon

Melenik’s Bushbuck – Ethiopia


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