GRYSBOK - Raphiscerus melanotis & sharpei

As part of the pygmy antelope group, Grysbok are timid, shy and pretty difficult to hunt unless you use a spotlight at night. They are encountered during the day often bursting away from beneath your feet without a chance at a shot although if undisturbed they can be a challenging daytime quarry.

Sharpe's Grysbok

Sharpe's Grysbok - Ken Sardegna, Mozambique 2011

Small compact antelope, both the Cape Grysbok and the Sharpe’s Grysbok have coarse speckled coats which vary from light brown to dark orange. Cape Grysbok are darker taking on a reddish orange colour, the white speckles are not as pronounced and they have longer horns. The Sharpe’s Grysbok is smaller in size with rounded ears and a more pointed muzzle. They are lighter in colour, similar to the southern bush duiker, and have a wider distribution.


Grysbok are usually solitary and are very timid, walking around slowly with their head lowered as if in a constant crouching position (ready to flee).
They are mostly nocturnal but can be found at dawn and dusk along roads, river courses and small clearings. Sharpe’s Grysbok are not restricted to dense bush and are found in more open wooded savanna and along the edges of plains.

hunting tips – the hunt

Grysbok are best hunted with a shotgun with fine shot but often do not allow one to get near. They are usually hunted at night as they are nocturnal. Often they can be found at daybreak and dusk along the edges of dense vegetation and one needs to be in position before light starts breaking.

hunting tips – the calibre

Usually, they are happened upon while hunting other game and are often shot with larger calibers however the shotgun is the weapon of choice.

hunting tips – the trophy

Only the males have horns and females are generally larger bodied.
The Sharpe’s grysbok does not have long horns and usually they will appear as two tiny black bumps on the head.
The Cape grysbok has longer horns and they are judged by their length against the ears.

hunting tips – where

The Cape Gyrsbok is found only in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa. They are are prolific in the coastal thickets and the fynbos vege

Cape Grysbok

Very good Cape Grysbok

tation of the area.
Sharpe’s Grysbok have a wider distribution across southern and central Africa.

CITES – No restrictions

SCI minimum scores Rifle

Cape Grysbok – 7″

Sharpe’s Grysbok – 5″



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