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Hunt Logic is dedicated to providing the best hunts and safaris at prices that are reasonable for that species and country. With all the hunts we sell, we give our full support and commitment to our clients, we are not a shot in the dark operator and have gone to great lengths to make sure all the bases are covered to make your safari a success from start to finish.

Winter thorn trees - Zambia

Classic Safaris

Our African Portfolio

Mozambique is the classic Africa of old, vast concessions in extreme conditions – remote and untouched – with dangerous game trophies which are nothing short of spectacular. Despite a rough start to the Safari industry in this country, reliable and trusted operators are now gaining a foothold and we are pleased to offer this piece of old Africa to our clients without reserve or hesitation.

This is our ‘FlagShip’ country offering the big 4 dangerous game species as well as a full compliment of all of Mozambique’s other species.


Zambia ranks as one of the most important of the classical African hunting countries with vast untamed wilderness concessions offering not only the big 4 but also a healthy number of plains game and endemic species.

Lion, Leopard and Buffalo top the list as favourites while Elephant are not as numerous or big as neighbours Zimbabwe and Botswana. Add to this the specials which include the biggest Sable in Africa, Kafue & Black Lechwe, Zambezi Sitatunga, Puku and Cookson’s Wildebeest, while a host of the other common plains animals compliment the list.


Angry Elephant

Curious Elephant

CAR is renowned for its massive Lord Derby or Giant Eland Bulls. Also common to the Cameroon Savannahs,the quality of CAR Eland is beyond compare and without a doubt, CAR produces the best trophies on the continent with the magical 50″ mark not merely a dream for hunters. Regardless of the horn size the most majestic aspect of the Lord Derby Eland is the character with which the old bulls carry their horns, brooming them down by scraping and rubbing trees, and sporting the magnificent black mane on their necks.


South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most important hunting countries in Africa, welcoming more hunters each year than any other while providing an unmatched plate of destinations, species, outfitters and hunting styles. Certainly, a world in one country applies and if approached properly, South Africa can provide a lifetime of hunting adventures without having to ever retrace your steps.

However, often labeled the supermarket of African hunting, South Africa is mostly a fenced or ranch hunting destination however this should not deter hunters from visiting this magnificent country. South Africa provides hunting on her own terms and should not be judged on the same level as the ‘classic’ countries to the north. The hunting infrastructure in this country simply does not allow a ‘Hemingway style’ safari so don’t expect vast uninhabited tracts of wilderness which have remained undeveloped for centuries.


Namibia the land of vast open spaces and contrasts, Namibia ranks as one of the most spectacular and economical hunting destinations in Africa offering both classical dangerous game safaris as well as plains game hunting.

Offering larger unfenced hunting ranches and community concessions, Namibia offers a completely different hunting experience to the more dense and wooded regions of her northern neighbours. The country is mostly comprised of desert and scrubland which has restricted population growth in the remote areas leaving wide open uninhabited wilderness where game still thrives.





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