Central African Republic

Giant Eland from CAR

Magnificent Giant Eland taken by Mark Metzger with Dave Rademeyer - Northern Operations

CAR is renowned for its massive Lord Derby or Giant Eland Bulls. Also common to the Cameroon Savannahs,the quality of CAR Eland is beyond compare and without a doubt, CAR produces the best trophies on the continent with the magical 50″ mark not merely a dream for hunters. Regardless of the horn size the most majestic aspect of the Lord Derby Eland is the character with which the old bulls carry their horns, brooming them down by scraping and rubbing trees, and sporting the magnificent black mane on their necks.

The hunt is probably one of Africas most challenging and rewarding safaris with a moderate level of fitness and stamina required while the reward at the end of the day is nothing short of magnificent.

Central African Republic – The hunting block, Zamza in the northeast, consists of over 1 million acres of prime Gardenia and Terminalia forest, perfect habitat for Giant Eland with their movement prolific throughout and very conducive to a successful hunt. It is surroundedby rivers and streams attracting many different species to graze on the plains across from camp. These include indigenous species such as savannah Buffalo, forest Sitatunga, western Roan, yellow backed Duiker, SingSing Waterbuck, Lewels hartebeest, western Kob, harnessed Bushbuck, red flanked Duiker, Red river hog, Oribi and Warthog. In all CAR offers a complete list of Africas northern species and our hunting area is without exception one of the top safari hunting destinations in this country. The best time of the year to hunt Eland is from February through mid April and during this period no specific month is any better than the other.

Dave Rademeyer PH / Owner - Northern Operations

20 Day “Grand Classic” full species Safari $56, 800 (full species safari)

13 Day “Classic” Giant Eland Safari $41, 500 (Eland, Buffalo, Roan, YB Duiker)

13 Day “Select” Giant Eland Safari $37, 500 (Eland PLUS ONE of Buffalo OR Roan OR Forest Sitatunga)

Safari Fees Include: licensed professional hunters and safari vehicle, ensuite accomodation, full meals and beverages, all hunting permits and fees, field preparation of trophies, dipping, packing and crating of trophies, coordination of safari travel, “meet & greet” assistance in Bangui PLUS Round trip charter flights from Bangui to camp

Safari Fees DO NOT include: Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded, any extra hotel expenses, 1000 Euro Transportationof Trophies from Field to Douala, Export and prepaid Shipping Charges for trophies, any air charters outside of scheduled safari dates, Gratuities for camp staff/professional hunters.

Hunts organised and conducted by Northern Operations, Africa with David Rademeyer


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