Chasse Libre – “the Rough Hunt”

The way we used to hunt

We’re not exactly saying you can wander into the wilds by yourself but our ‘RoughHunts’ bring you pretty close to the real thing – that is doing most of it yourself with the help of a few good men.

Typically those countries that lie above the equator – the ones where you have to think twice about a visit there, the ones that are ex French or Belgian colonies – they allow a type of hunting called Chasse Libre meaning the self guided hunt. Now I have met a few hunters who have foraged into these jungles and savannas usually in search of the more exotic species not found in those ‘easy’ countries. Some have been rewarded with magnificent beasts at prices you can only imagine yet others have ended up on the brink of death, some locked away for a while, others forcibly parted with their cash at gun point or by obstinate officials.

Regardless of these perils, the Chasse Libre hunt still appeals to us because is there not that ultimate test of our adventurous ability and hunting skill at stake? Is this not the closest we can get to stepping back 150 years when Africa was still young in the eyes of civilisation? When men like Cornwallis Harris and Courteney Selous forged paths into the hinterland beyond the veil of British colonial sanctity and brought us those accounts that are still favorites today.

We offer you the opportunity to experience our Africa in a rougher style, a more authentic or rustic manner of safari – nevertheless a true challenge and adventure. By law we cannot allow you to hunt without a PH so we provide the basics, the very basics and then the rest is up to you. A good PH, a land cruiser, some rudimentary camping equipment, first aid supplies, clean water and dry goods for your trip – naturally trackers and helpers are also present. Sounds very much like a camping set up BUT here’s the difference – there is no set camp nor a campsite, no roads where you will be heading, it is just virgin territory with a healthy population of game to seek.

We have over 900,000 acres of open undeveloped hunting land for you to explore – at your own time and your own risks and decisions – bring your own gear, pre order food supplies, load up and head into the bush!

Kafue Flats Buffalo

Pete's grandfather on the Kafue flats

Gearing UP!

So we literally mean there is no camp, your sleeping arrangements – be it in a tent or out in the open – your bathing, your toiletry requirements, your clothing and all the extras that you take on a hunting trip back home –  that’s up to you.

What’s for supper – you tell the staff or do the cooking, eat  as a group around the fire or pretend you’re the bwana. Make sure you shoot straight otherwise the camp goes hungry or it’s canned beans for supper, perhaps try and catch fish or shoot some birds for the pot.

This is the opportunity to experience Africa as many of us natives did growing up there, a sleeping bag and a crate of beer in the back of the truck, a clean rifle and that’s was it, we headed into the bush to hunt and lived the true essences of what it means to hunt in Africa.

RoughHunt details and rates

For more details please EMAIL Pete Swanepoel jnr

Greater Kudu in Luangwa

Greater Kudu - Luangwa 1982



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