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South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most important hunting countries in Africa, welcoming more hunters each year than any other while providing an unmatched plate of destinations, species, outfitters and hunting styles. Certainly, a world in one country applies and if approached properly, South Africa can provide a lifetime of hunting adventures without having to ever retrace your steps.

The hunting infrastructure in this country simply does not allow a ‘Hemingway style’ safari so don’t expect vast uninhabited tracts of wilderness which have remained undeveloped for centuries.

Overall South Africa provides some of the best hunting available in Africa today and the unrivalled choice not only from a species aspect, allows you to more or less choose a safari that is going to suit you down to the very last detail. Hunting in South Africa is best suited to the first time safari goer, the hunting family and for couples who enjoy hunting together.

Years of experience in southern and central Africa qualifies us to offer you more than the typical game farm hunt which typifies the South African industry. We have always concentrated on “quality” in our programs rather than “quantity” and Clients seeking to hunt in hand selected areas, for above average trophies, should strongly consider our South African safaris.


TROPHY HUNTING – Core Safaris for South Africa

Hunters Lodge

All our hunts are designed with your priority species in mind. This involves travel between provinces after the indigenous species of each of the regions we hunt in. Usually 2 to 4 prime species make the core of the hunt, spending time to properly hunt for them and not merely shooting the first one seen. Some species do well throughout the country and usually make up the remainder of one’s trophy list.


Cape Buffalo Bull

Our core property however lies in the Limpopo region next to the Kruger Park offering over 12,000 acres of dangerous game hunting for Buffalo, Leopard and Rhino. Hunt for all the magnificent plains antelope South Africa has to offer as well as Sable and Livingstone’s Eland. In all, this property provides the feel of the real Africa without the associated travel hassles and Malaria / Yellow Fever / Sleeping Sickness risk you find in the rest of the continent.

CAPE BUFFALO PACKAGE HUNT – $16,400 all inclusive

We also offer the well priced “packaged hunt” for which the South African Industry is so well known for. These are all inclusive hunts which allow a set amount of days and include certain species in the price. Typically they are based on one property although it is possible to locate and hunt other species according to clients requirements.


7 Day Gemsbok Safari –  $4650 per hunter inclusive of all services and fees as well as the following animals – Gemsbok, Blesbok, Impala, Springbok, Warthog!

7 day Spiral Horn Antelope - $ 7 500 for 2×1 OR $ 7 950 for 1×1 – Kudu, Nyala, Bushbuck, Impala, Warthog OR Blesbok

Please note that our South African safaris encompass all the provinces in the country and we have many available packages to suit your individual species and travel needs.


SA Wingshooting 2014


Lion on TrailCam


LION and the rest

Lion hunting in South Africa will always be a controversial subject due to the nature of the South African ranching set up – fenced properties are the norm. However the South African Lions are nothing short of spectacular in every sense – huge black maned beasts with an aggressive attitude added for fun. This is by far the most exciting Lion hunt available in Africa today!

ALL hunts are done by tracking the Lions on foot in 12,000 acres of Kalahari bushveld. Unique to this hunt is the fact that you don’t have to shoot the first and only Lion you see, there are numerous males wandering the property as well as the opportunity to take females as well.

Lion Hunts start at $18,000 thru $35,000 for males similar to the one pictured above left thru to the very largest of pitch black maned beasts at $58,000.

All hunts are individually tailored to your requirements with the ability to add plains animals such as Sable antelope as well as other dangerous game species like Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino.

Please inquire for full details about our Lion hunts


Sandstone Castle


Our family safaris are such a success because I am a fanatical hunter while my wife really doesn’t care much for it! So while I’m out in the field selecting properties with good trophies, she’s working at the stuff women and kids appreciate because she knows what it’s like to be a wife with a hunting-mad husband. She likes the finer things in life and gets me to include them in all our family trips.

That’s why our family safaris are complete journeys, indulging everyone in the group in the wonderful hunting and holiday opportunities South Africa has to offer. Our safaris are not merely a trip to a game ranch they are an adventure through South Africa taking in the best trophies and luxuries each region has to offer.

Typically we like to arrange the family Safaris around our completely luxurious Sandstone lodge based in the spectacular Maluti Mountains in the eastern Free State province. Offering superb rooms, meals and non hunting activities this is a must for any family trip. The core of the ranch relies on magnificent bird shooting as well as limited plainsgame, however this is a destination for everyone and is highly recommended.

Schedules are designed around the trophies you intend to hunt and this will have an effect on the safari duration and routing. Each hunting region has its own unique activities and attractions for non-hunters.

SA Wingshooting 2013

Please inquire directly with us to tailor make your family safari


MoolmansHoek Suite

Suites at MoolmansHoek


Maluti Sunset


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