Zambia Buffalo

Buffalo Bull in Luangwa

Zambia ranks as one of the most important of the classical African hunting countries with vast untamed wilderness concessions offering not only the big 4 but also a healthy number of plains game and endemic species.

Lion, Leopard and Buffalo top the list as favourites while Elephant are not as numerous or big as neighbours Zimbabwe and Botswana. Add to this the specials which include the biggest Sable in Africa, Kafue & Black Lechwe, Zambezi Sitatunga, Puku and Cookson’s Wildebeest, while a host of the other common plains animals compliment the list.

The two major hunting regions of the country are the great Luangwa Valley in the east and the Kafue lying in the west, while some smaller hunting concessions do exist in northern Zambia and also along the Zambezi river boundary. Zambia also has some very large private hunting estates and various game ranches within close proximity to the capital city offering easy access to unique species.

There are two essential ingredients for any successful safari in Zambia – first off is the hunting concession you choose and secondly, the professional hunter who will conduct your safari – remember, in the safari world these two factors are never created equally and could mean the difference between mediocre and outstanding.

Zambian Lion

The massive Lions of Mumbwa West - Kafue

Unlike your regular agents, we have unrestricted access to most of Zambia’s hunting concessions – we are not restricted to one or two only – and this allows us to offer our clients the best possible chances at success for the species they are pursuing. In addition our professional hunters are all from Zambia, have hunted there for decades and come with their own personal list of references.

In short, we are able to offer you Zambia completely, not just one concession but the concession that best suits your desired program along with PH’s that exceed the norm.

The Kafue typifies Zambia’s hunting, producing some of the biggest Lion and Leopard in Africa each year as well as being unsurpassed in the Sable class. The vast tracts of Miombo support a healthy mix of plainsgame and cats with Buffalo being scarce in most concessions. Our long term experience and family history in this region offers the absolute best concessions in Zambia for the cats and Sable.

Current World Record Sable - 53 plus inches


The Luangwa Valley – Possibly the last great safari destination that is reasonably priced, this piece of Africa retains the true essence of that historical classic safari and offers excellent hunting and a full bag of species.

Luangwa as been declared tops for Lion and Leopard however it is the vast herds of Buffalo that draw most hunters to this paradise. Today, given the right concession, buffalo in the 40 plus class are common and each year the northern concessions produce Lion and Leopard that are massive.

Zambia Cat Hunting Is Closed 2013

Look For Updates Here As They Are Released

Elephants in the Luangwa Valley

Classic Luangwa Valley




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