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Black mane

Tanzania is classical east Africa, the land of the early safaris that many of us have read about and dreamed about, the land of Kilimanjaro and Africa’s most famous wildlife region, the Ngorogoro crater! Simply put, it is the Africa of the movies, the Africa we have come to know on TV and the Africa we have read so much about.

Although an expensive hunting destination when compared to the countries lying south, Tanzania is perhaps the most likely to see a continued Safari Hunting presence due to the measures they have taken over the last decade to stabilize their hunting industry and ensure the continued survival of their game.

Safaris are generally classed into 3 types based on number of days you hunt and this also dictates the species you are able to take. Remember, Tanzania is a vast country with many hunting concessions and a great variance of species from south to north. Most appealing to the trophy hunter is of course the northern species, the gazelles and the lesser Kudu yet Tanzania has some of Africa’s best buffalo and elephant as well as spectacular Lion and Leopard.

Overall Tanzania is a country that most serious trophy hunters must visit – be it for the unique species or simply the experience of hunting an east African country.

Game Frontiers of Tanzania provides quality safaris in twelve of Tanzania’s prime hunting concessions, being a long standing safari operator with many years of experience in outfitting and guiding hunts in Tanzania.  Professional Hunters are chosen for their hunting experience and knowledge of the country and our hunting areas in particular so you can rest assured you are in capable hands.  The well-maintained fleet of 4-wheel-drive Land Cruisers provides you with peace of mind as you hunt in these remote areas while the promise of personalized service from the initial inquiry right through to the time your trophies arrive at their final destination is assured.

Hunting areas

Selous Game Reserve R2

Selous Buffalo

Located in the northern part of the famous Selous Game Reserve, this concession is an excellent all round buffalo and plains game area.  It also offers the hunter the chance to hunt elephant and big leopard as well as lion.  The mighty Ruaha River which forms the concession’s Eastern boundary provides year round water.


Situated on the Southern border of the Selous Game Reserve Mbarangandu is a major migration route for the elephant between the Selous and Niassa Game Reserve in Mozambique.  The terrain is hilly with plenty of year-round surface water offering an exhilarating and rewarding hunt for the dedicated hunter.  Large herds of buffalo frequent the small valleys and grasslands which are also home to lion and the elusive leopard.  Walking in the numerous valleys and hills one may well stumble upon sable, greater kudu, zebra, hartebeest, common and red duiker.

Ugalla Game Reserve (East)

The Ugalla Game Reserve is a low-lying area in Western Tanzania.  The Ugalla River, which runs through the area, stops flowing during the dry season but large pools remain throughout the year. These are home to hippo and massive crocodile and provide year round water for elephant and other game.  The area also offers the chance to hunt majestic sable antelope, roan and black maned lion as well as big leopard.

Ugunda Game Reserve & Rungwa River G.C.A

These concessions lie in Western Tanzania bordering the Ugalla River Game Reserve. They are part of the Rungwa ecosystem and comprise predominantly Miombo woodland with Comiphora and Acacia thickets along dry sand rivers.  Roan and magnificent sable antelope can be hunted here.  There are also fantastic lion, leopard, buffalo, eland, greater kudu, hartebeest, impala, zebra and other plains game.

Piti G.R (E)

Piti Game Reserve lies adjacent to Lukwati Game Reserve and borders the Rungwa River to the northwest and the Piti River in the north. This area is covered by Miombo forest and acacia woodland, interspersed with flood plains, mountain ranges, springs and seasonal rivers. Piti has a large concentration of sable antelope while greater kudu and roan antelope are prolific. Great quality lion, leopard, buffalo and eland can also be hunted here. Other trophies are klipspringer, oribi, hippo, duiker, zebra, impala and bushpig.

Mark Sullivan Leopard

Luafi Game Reserve/Nkamba FR

One of the most isolated of Tanzania’s reserves, Luafi Game Reserve, is situated between the eastern slopes of the Mahale Mountains and the banks of Lake Rukwa.  This area is covered with miombo forest.  To the East the reserve is more swampy, especially during the rainy season, whilst the western side is rocky and hilly.  This concession borders the Katavi National Park and the game from the park migrates in and out of Luafi.  The area has huge elephant and fantastic lion and leopard.

Rungwa Inyonga Game Reserve

This area is part of the Rungwa Game Reserve which holds some of the densest lion populations in Tanzania.  It is one of the country’s prime lion hunting areas.  Rungwa is also rich in antelope, buffalo, elephant, hippo and crocodile.  This area comprises miombo woodland with acacia, combretum scrub, granite ‘kopjes’ and riverine forest along the watersheds.

Moyowosi Game Reserve (North) & Moyowosi/Njigwe G.R.

These areas are situated in the west of Tanzania in Kibondo District of Kigoma. They border Kigosi Game Reserve to the East. There are three distinct types of vegetation, Miombo Woodland, swamp and grassy plains. The elusive East African Sitatunga abound in the swamps as do crocodile and hippo, whilst hundreds of Topi roam the plains with the zebra and buffalo. Roan and Sable antelope share the woodlands.  Moyowosi is famous for its dark maned Lion and large Leopard as well as impressive elephant bulls.

First class safari tents

Accommodation and catering

Our recently refurbished camps comprise spacious traditional East African Safari tents.  Luxurious king size beds are welcome after an adventurous day in the bush.  The en-suite bathrooms offer hot showers and flush toilets.  The camps are run on generators and invertors which provide 24 hour electricity.    The camps are fully staffed with experienced waiters, chefs, tent attendants, skinners, trackers, drivers and mechanics to provide a top class service.  All camps are equipped with satellite phones for communication with our offices and for the hunters’ use if required.

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